The Linux basics IT Fundamentals Course for Cybersecurity Professionals

Basic Linux training to get you on your way

Learn Linux Easily

Learn Linux practically and easily

  • Terminal in Linux

  • The Linux GUI

  • Basic Scripting

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 01 - Download and Install an Ubuntu VM on VMWare Player

    2. Lesson 02 - Introduction to the Linux Graphical User Interface and Terminal

    1. Lesson 01 - Changing Directory

    2. Lesson 02 - Substitute User Do (sudo)

    3. Lesson 03 - List Directories

    4. Lesson 04 - Display File Contents

    5. Lesson 05 - Make Directories

    6. Lesson 06 - Add and Remove Users

    7. Lesson 07 - Modifying Permissions

    8. Lesson 08 - Command History

    9. Lesson 09 - Copying Files and Directories

    10. Lesson 10 - Input, Output, and the Pipeline

    11. Lesson 11 - File Command

    12. Lesson 12 - Strings Command

    13. Lesson 13 - Modifying Text Files

    14. Lesson 14 - Move and Rename Files and Directories

    15. Lesson 15 - Search Within Files Using Grep

    1. Lesson 1 - Linux Package Managers: Advanced Package Tool (apt) and Debian Package (dpkg)

    2. Lesson 2 - Archived Files

    1. Downloading from the World Wide Web: Wget and Curl

    1. Linux: Services: Starting, Stopping, Restarting, and Getting Status of Services

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content


Instructor Grant Knoetze

My name is Grant Knoetze, and I am a full-time cybersecurity analyst at Maltrak, and part time writer for articles on IT and cybersecurity for various websites and businesses internationally. I develop and teach courses and programs in Python, PowerShell, Network Forensics, Linux and Windows for cybersecurity as part of my current responsibilities as a cybersecurity analyst. My work also includes coaching and mentoring students at various levels in their cybersecurity career, and I assist students with basic to advanced IT skills, core cybersecurity knowledge and awareness, and programming languages, including Python, PowerShell, C++, and web, and I am available for consultation in general. I am also a senior instructor and consultant at a US based company part time, where I develop and teach a network forensics course to US students, and I am part of the coaching and contnuous development of the students, who are mostly in law enforcement and practcing digital forensics. Please visit my website which is a technical blog and includes links to all my social media and other projects at