Learn How elite hackers get into the world's most secure networks

    In this module, you will learn what advanced targeted attacks (APT) look like.

    This is right foundation for building your career in penetration testing, red team ops or understanding the attacker mindset to protect your organization against


    How cybersecurity experts protect their organizations against advanced attacks

    In this module, you will learn how to detect, respond, and protect against these advanced attacks

    These are the essential skills to work in incident response and threat-hunting


    How to perform a deep investigation of targeted attacks' tools and malware

    In this module, you will learn how to perform a static and dynamic analysis on a malicious file.

    These skills are the foundation for malware analysis and as well for threat hunting and threat intelligence positions


Fileless Attacks & Targeted Ransomware Attacks

Learn from the experts how attackers evade detection, bypass their antivirus tools and their defenses, and how they cost companies millions of dollars of losses.

You will learn as well how to detect, respond, and protect organizations against the most advanced and dangerous attacks in the wild.

Course curriculum

    1. 01 - Targeted Attack Real Scenario

    2. 02 - Advanced Penetration Testing & Red Team Operations (Hands-On)

    1. 01 - Incident Response Process & Log Analysis

    2. 02 - Log Analysis With Splunk (Hands-On)

    3. 03 - Live Forensics and System Triage (Hands-On)

    1. 01 - Malware Analysis Intro

    2. 02 - Basic Static Analysis - Finding Clues in Text

    3. 03 - Basic Static Analysis (Hands-On)

    4. 04 - Basic Static Analysis - PE Headers

    5. 05 - Behavioral and Code Analysis

    1. Fileless Attacks and Targeted Ransomware Attacks

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

Testimonials & Endorsements

Shravan Kumar, Cyber Security Associate at FICO

"Basically I have gone through many courses and boot camps order to learn "Real life CyberSecurity operations" but a significant amount of courses just showed old techniques or some better tools. However, the training delivered by Amr Thabet covered that gap and explained to me the reality of industry and methodology. I'm personally working in the industry and got really juicy and interesting knowledge. I highly recommend people to attend this."

by Andrew Essam, Network Security Engineer at Vantage Securities Brokage

Thank you Amr Thabet for the great effort in this training. You have covered many topics/techniques of the red team and the blue team that simulate the thinking of the attacker and how to deal with them in the most practical and realistic way

Ali Soban, Cisco Certified Specialist- Security

Thank you Amr Thabet for explaining some adversary simulation steps according to the MITRE ATT&CK framework with such clear examples. Don't miss this training from Amr Thabet"

Paul Gallovich, SOC Analyst at Coast Community College District

"This training from MalTrak is one of the best courses I have ever taken. The curriculum gives you an excellent starting point for a career in incident response and malware analysis. It provides a clear understanding of what modern cyberattacks look like in real-world and how to recognize the tools and the techniques used by any cybercriminal and how to analyze them. Totally recommended"


Founder of MalTrak Amr Thabet

Amr Thabet is a malware researcher and incident handler with over 10 years of experience, he worked in some of Fortune 500 companies including Symantec, Tenable, and others and he is the founder of MalTrak. He is the author of "Mastering Malware Analysis" published by Packt Publishing. He is a speaker and an instructor at top security conferences all around the world, including DEFCON, Hack In Paris, and VB Conference. He was also featured in Christian Science Monitor for his work on Stuxnet. He had worked on the analysis of some of the top nation-state-sponsored attacks including the NSA malware families, North Korea, and many other highly advanced attacks. Prior to that, I struggled to get into the field as I was a mechanical engineer graduate. I faced lots of demotivating voices telling me that I wouldn't be able to make it. And because of that, after my successes, I decided to be the inspiring voice to all cybersecurity enthusiasts that want to land their first job in cybersecurity. His mission is to help security professionals all around the world to build their expertise in malware analysis, threat hunting, red teaming. and most importantly, protect their organization's infrastructure from targeted attacks, ransomware attacks, and APT attacks.